VOIP Caller ID solutions

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We have many clients asking about VoIP in my country. Unfortunately Sambapos does not support VoIP.
Has anyone used VoIP to analogue adaptor and then attached a normal caller ID modem to capture signal?

I was thinking of an adaptor like this:

With Voip integration, you will not need any hardware to manage calls. If you can get a positive answer when you inquire whether the company providing Voip service provides the API service required for integration, we can develop the necessary integration software.

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I think LiwaSoft Mobile Caller ID application is a very useful application. It's perfect for businesses that use mobile lines. It can be considered as an additional option...

Ok, so everyone VoIP provider has different API. I did not know that thanks

Agreed. Very good. However some restaurant have 2-3 VoIP lines with monthly contract. They cannot change.

I see... Then you should use an application specifically written for the VoIP provider's API in these businesses.


I am thinking we have so many different VoIP companies. Rather than make new integration for every company. It is easy to use VoIP analogue converter to capture then send via CID modem to samba.

No matter how many service providers there are, the general working logic is 90% the same. When we make certain options parametric, the integration will work with many service providers.

Like this ;

  • Api Url
  • Username
  • Password
  • Call queue number
  • Internal call number
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