Service for Intergration with Bank

Dear Team Support,

I want to Intergration samba POS with QR Bank (ABA QR)

and here Api :

Could we can intergrat or not ?

Thank you team !

Hello ;
Of course we can integrate. The important thing is that the cost of this integration is high because it will be specific to you.

Hello @LiwaSoft

How much for this ?

Thank you!

Please send an e-mail to our sales team to discuss details and get pricing information.

Thank you Boss!

let me check with my client.

Could we intergrat with Samba Kiosk with it too ? boss !

Did you mean SambaPOS Go Kiosk application? SambaPOS GO Kiosk - SambaPOS Restaurant Point of Sale

Unfortunately, we cannot integrate with this application. We can only integrate it with the Sambapos desktop application.