Broadcast Caller ID


Does anyone have tutorial on how to broadcast Caller ID?
I have 1 caller ID (comet CTI) connected to server. When called rings I want it to show popup on server and 2nd till.
I can make action and rule to broadcast popup. But when I click it I cannot get phone data to show in default customer search screen.

Or if anyone can implement for me and I will pay.

Thank you

Use the Set Widget Value Action


Create a rule and when clicked Callerid POPup run this action.
In this way, you can transfer the incoming phone number to the widget area you want.

You can set the widget name on the entity screen you are using.

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Problem is I am using default customer search screen so I cannot set widget value.

This is not problem. You can edit Device Setting and type the enttiy screen name.

Unfortunately I can't get it to work. Please could you quote price for configuration? I will pay for your help

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I sent you a private message for this.

LiwaPOS fixed this for me at a very good price. Great service. Many thanks.


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